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Skating on the Edge of Time is Doreen Fitzgerald's second volume of poetry to date. Her first, Cake, is available here.


  • 5.5" x 8.5"
  • Perfect bound
  • Soft cover, glossy
  • 80 pages 


Poet Doreen Fitzgerald has followed her sterling debut collec-tion Cake with this perfectly titled second volume of poems, Skating on the Edge of Time.
The poems underline how slippery time is, how our own lives and the lives of those we love will eventually slide off its edge, skate though we will. In her hands, the underlying music to which we skate is pervasive but gentle, more the song of water flowing in a stone-lined brook than that of a full-throated choir—punctuated with occasional rowdy guitar licks.
Although death awaits us beyond the edge, she reminds us that while we skate there’s a world to notice and enjoy—and laugh in. Her keen observations and precise descriptions bring attention especially to places in which she is well rooted—Michigan and Alaska. Simply paying attention is one of her great skills, and that doesn’t lead only to shade and seriousness. Nor does it leave her anchored immovably in the reality that is usually too much with us. Dreams blow through her lines like smoke.
Most of all, these are enjoyable poems. Read them, and enjoy. —Carla Helfferich

Skating on the Edge of Time

SKU: 978-0-9978120-0-8
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