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Sophie Press Partners with KidSAKE to generate light and love in the world!

They say that if you repeat the same thing 40 times, it becomes a habit. So why not be a generous and thoughtful giver? Imagine if, in the same moment, everyone in the world was giving to one other person. The kindness would change everything; the world would be transformed into light. Won't you join us? We need you! With you, we can make a bigger difference.

Give to Live is a joint campaign of The KidSAKE Foundation & Sophie Press. Kits are filled with greetings, gifts, and goodies--treasures to give.

We pack each kit with care and love, hoping to inspire your generous heart.

Kits may include artisan originals, unique finds, and gently used treasures. Kits of 40 gifts include inspiring 'Sophie Inspires' cards for the Giver to keep.


To learn more about what's happening with The KidSAKE Foundation, scan the code!

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